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The Bone Density Solution™ By Shelly Manning

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What's Bone Density Solution™?

The Bone Density Solution is a natural health program developed by Shelly Manning. Designed to help people suffering from brittle bones, this step-by-step guide explores how you can combat osteoporosis and other bone-related issues.

As you age, your bones grow hollower, and you are more susceptible to fractures. Yes, it can deteriorate to the point where you may sustain bone injuries even by walking normally! Moreover, often times modern medicine is only able to treat the symptoms, not the root cause.

Included in this program is an in-depth explanation on the underlying causes of osteoporosis and how your gut health is linked to it. Although in-depth, the language used is easy-to-understand, so anyone can benefit from it!

By making small changes in your lifestyle habits and diet choices, you too can manage bone issues. Strengthen your bones with 14 simple habits today!

About The Author

Shelly Manning is a strong advocate and practitioner for natural health. She puts great emphasis on her lifestyle and meal choices, believing it leads to improved health conditions. 

Manning has also made it her mission in life to develop and share natural programs and diet plans to combat common illnesses, like osteoporosis.

Having suffered this debilitating health condition herself, she’s gone on an arduous journey to understand what causes it. Through this research, Manning has developed an effective natural solution that treats the root cause of osteoporosis.

How It Works?

First, you have to understand why osteoporosis happens. 

Throughout your life, the bones of your body undergo a natural cycle of breaking down and repair. However, osteoporosis happens when your bones break down at a rate faster than it can renew the cells. This can result in brittle bones that have a high risk of fracturing. 

Why does this happen? Your diet plays a major part of your bone’s break down and renew process. Some foods lead to inflammation, which hinders your body from renewing bone cells.

The Bone Density Solution program includes a comprehensive list that teaches you what food cause inflammation, and what foods can help to reduce inflammation. Delicious recipes have also been provided in the book, so you’ll have an idea of what your meals should look like.

Also included in the program are some simple movements you can do each day, movements that toughen up bones every time you do them. 

By making changes to your diet and being more active, you’ll be able to manage your osteoporosis and other bone-related problems.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and results may not be typical.

Instant Access to The Bone Density Solution™!

Regular Price: $149

— Today: $49 —

Limited Time Only!

What Do You Get In The Bone Density Solution™?

The Bone Density Solution is a single volume e-Book divided into six major sections. You’ll find a detailed explanation of why bone issues develop, what you can do to improve your bone health, and why you should consider trying the Bone Density Solution program.

Part 1 – Osteoporosis – Deep Dive

This section provides a brief introduction to osteoporosis and how the Bone Density Solution program can help you. It explains the process of how bones break down and renew. It also teaches how you can identify osteoporosis and a few other common issues associated with weak and fragile bones.

Part 2 – Causes & Risk Factors

This section dives in deep into one of the causes of osteoporosis—your diet. Processed foods are easily available in grocery stores today, and they’re usually filled with artificial flavoring and coloring—not to mention the high amounts of sodium in them! These types of food can lead to inflammation in your body. In addition, it also discusses what foods contribute to bone loss. Some of the mentioned foods include caffeine, salt, alcohol, and dairy products. The last part of this section teaches you about phytates and oxalates found in leafy greens, and whether you should consume them or not.

Part 3 – Traditional Osteoporosis Treatments

This section covers a few common remedies and treatment plans that can set you on your recovery journey from osteoporosis. Commonly recommended treatments from doctors and medical professionals—hormone therapy and bisphosphonate tablets—are found in this section. It also discusses in detail how antiresorptive agents work and how they compare with anabolic agents.

Part 4 – Diet for Strong Bones

This section contains a comprehensive list of foods to eat and to avoid for inflammatory problems. The meal plans introduce a variety of healthy foods rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals that will strengthen your bones. It also explains how having an improved gut health will result in stronger, healthier bones.

Part 5 – Exercise for Strong Bones

This section covers a few simple exercises—yoga, qigong, pilates, and more—you can do to strengthen your bones and improve your mobility even as you age. Learn how to stretch your body safely and see effective results in your flexibility. You’ll be able to do these movements without much equipment, and it’s so easy that even older ones can do them.

Part 6 – Protocol for Bone Strengthening

The last section of the program gives you an educational summary of the previous sections. It also includes some bonus recipes for some healthy bone-strengthening snacks you can make when you’re feeling hungry. These recipes cover a variety of healthy breakfasts, entrees and sweet treats that are meant to build healthy bones!

Pick up Manning’s special 14 habits from this section and add them to your daily routine to feel your bones grow sturdier with each day!

Instant Access to The Bone Density Solution™!

Regular Price: $149

— Today: $49 —

Limited Time Only!

Money Back Guarantee

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